Jose R. Lopez

This blog is the property of Jose R. Lopez, and I am responsible for the content and images that appear on it.

I am a freelance picture editor, consultant and photographer available for work. My present clients include The New York Times, ABCNews.com and the USGA (United States Golf Association).

I recently retired from The New York Times after a 31 year career there where I was a staff photographer for 16 years at The Times before moving onto the picture desk and becoming a picture editor.  My photo career included 8.5 years in the Washington, DC Bureau of The Times covering the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton.  I also covered all the national news in Washington during that period.  I returned to the New York office in 1994 where my assignments included local and national stories as well as Major sporting events–5 Super Bowls, World Series Baseball games, the Winter Olympic games in Calgary and the Summer Olympic games in Atlanta, GA.

I also spent 6 weeks in 1995-96 covering the end of the Bosnian war.

I have picture edited the following sections at The Times–Sports, Weekend National and Foreign, National (after the 9-11 terrorist attack), Real Estate and Business/Financial. I was  then moved into the digital platform and my last assignment was the mobile app, NYTNOW.

In 2014, I celebrated a 30 year career at The Times (1984-2014) and this blog was started to host a project that I decided to share via social media entitled:  “Thirty@30, hopefully not –30–.”  Thirty images from my NYT portfolio (images and pages) from 30 years, hopefully not the end of my career, designated by the old typesetters code when –30– which meant the end of the copy.

That last part, the –30– came true as I made the decision to take the buyout that The Times offered its staffers in December 2014.

For the record, I am a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico and graduated from New Mexico State University with a BA degree in journalism.  I worked as a photographer for the following organizations, The Associated Press, The Albuquerque Tribune, The San Angelo Standard Times, the Rocky Mountain News (Denver) before joining The New York Times in 1984.

I am grateful that my wife, Caitlin Kelly, the author, journalist and successful blogger that she is–has introduced me to the blogging world.

Your comments and questions welcomed.  I promise to be as prompt as possible in getting back to you.


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